IanJan 27, 2021 6:18pm

Boys Over Mechs (Vision of Escaflowne 1/4)

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We embark on the fantasy shoujo isekai mech action adventure romance journey of a lifetime. We break down the genre pile-up that is Vision of Escaflowne, talk through the characters and their tropes, and reflect on late-90s anime production. 

 Our theme song is Street Dancing by Timecrawler 82. You can reach us at mechadoaboutnothing@gmail.com, our website is mechado.moe, and our Twitter account is @mechadopodcast.

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      A discussion and critical analysis podcast covering all of mecha, one series at a time. Episodes released weekly on Wednesdays.

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              • RT @xbsaint: Here's a great article on how Gunpla is made: https://t.co/R4BgQBMq0t @GWOtaku @TomAznable @mechadopodcast
              • RT @gundam1mg: 後輩に「ケンプファー作って下さい」って言うから練習がてら作ってみました♪ 肩、裏モモ、武器の繋ぎ目処理。 腰と足首の延長。 ショルダーに段落ちモール(練習)。 腕、脚にミキシング。 膝、スネを面出し。 スネに1本スジ彫り(練習)。 https://…
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              • @xbsaint This both makes me want to watch it and also makes me want to wait so the decision is out of my hands
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              • ugh i CANNOT believe i didn't call this episode "Don't Call Me Buddy, Pal"
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              • @someguyinjersey I spilled water on my computer a week ago and I’m pretty sure I can milk that excuse for another couple of weeks
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              • RT @randomsakuga: Key Animation: Kai Ikarashi (五十嵐 海) Anime: SSSS.GRIDMAN (2018) https://t.co/hFdrrHsRPF https://t.co/omv138LBKg

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